Basic Things a Girl Expects From Her Guy in a Relationship

Every person has expectations from the person they love. No matter if it’s a good one or a bad one. However, we’re all human and in the end we all expect because expectations come from within and are uncontrollable, if you try to, you end up feeling suffocated. So, what are those basic expectations a girl has from her guy in a relationship? Let’s talk about it.

Respect her as a person

No matter, if you can’t give anything to her, she just wants one basic thing from you, and it’s not a demand, this is what she deserves. Of course, every individual on Earth deserves to be respected and so is she. She wants respect as a priority. Respect will be shown in your actions and words. A genuine lady wants to be with a gentleman, not a boy and respecting her is the first step to become a gentleman.

No involvement of the people of past

Doesn’t matter how bad your past was. She’s ready to accept you for who you are today, nobody will throw taunts on you or judge you on the basis of your past activities and events. However, she just expects one thing from you, not involving people from the past. Do not take their name, include them in your conversations frequently showing that you miss them. DO NOT TALK TO THEM AT ALL, no matter what the situation is. Make sure to move on completely from your past to step into a relationship once again.

No useless restrictions

Restricting someone on their bad habits is acceptable. For e.g. Drinking alcohol, Smoking, Consuming drugs and other unhygienic
things. BUT, putting restrictions on such useless things like, don’t go out with your guy friends, don’t hang out with your guy friends, don’t wear this, don’t do that. That’s all. You don’t own a person after getting into relationship, you don’t have any rights to control someone’s life just because you’re in relationship with them. Maybe, she’ll get ready to do it all for you in love, but you’ll lose your values forever.

Support her till the end

Support her in public, correct her in private. If she started fighting even though she’s wrong, just support her without going against her in public. Correct her later and tell her not to repeat such things. Support her in every right decision she makes. Do not let her feel that she, her thoughts and her opinions have no value in your life. Support her in fulfilling her dreams, her ambitions, everything she wants to do in life, be it very stupid, but you have to.

Give her time, as much as you can

That old saying, “Time is the most precious gift you can give to someone” Exactly! Give your time to her. No matter if it’s just one hour a day, but talk to her, over calls, over texts, and sometimes video calls. Maintaining the communication between you two will strengthen up your bond to the core and clear up all the unnecessary misunderstandings which you have. AND, not just talking on calls and texts, take out some time, go and meet her, even if you met her 1 day ago, she’s still craving for you.

Put efforts, not with the words, with your actions

Don’t say much, just do. Even if you’re saying things, prove them in your actions, don’t ever let her complain that, “Your actions don’t match with your words” Let your actions show that you’re putting efforts in this relationship, to make it work, to make it last longer and to make her yours forever.

Handle her mood swings, especially during her periods

Idk if many of you do this or not. Usually, guys with short temperament fail to do this; however, this doesn’t decrease her expectations. She expects her guy to handle her worst side as well. That too, handle with care. She gets mad with pain during her menstrual cycle, that is the time when she expects the most, that you care for her, calm and gentle with her. Make her smile when shes’s upset. That’s all, the way to a woman’s heart.

Never give up on her

No matter how bad the situation gets, she expects only one thing in the end, you stand by her side even if its a do or die situation. Giving up is one of the easiest things and the difficult thing at the same time. Easy because, you don’t have to do anything except sticking by the side of that person. Difficult, because, sometimes, situations get tough, really tough that you feel like not wanting to stay anymore with the person, or you just don’t want them in your life anymore. NEVER GIVE UP ON HER, that’s all.

Last, but not least. Unconditional love.

Why is she in a relationship with you? Because she needs your love, the love which never changes in any condition, in any circumstance and
at any cost. That selfless love which lasts forever, no matter how much old you two get. Ups and downs will come in your life and relationship, but going through it together without giving up on each other, that’s all she wants in the end, NOTHING ELSE.

Hey girls, do you agree with this? Make your guys read this and implement it in your relationship.