How To Move On_ How To Forget Someone_

Are you too looking for something like this? Something like, a shortcut to forget it all which you both had in these years of
relationship and breathe a peaceful life once again. Some of you had 1 or 2 years of relationship, some had 5 or 6 years of relationship, and some had whooping 10 or 11 years or relationship and some of you might be with a person since 8th standard. Well, it’s not surprising at all. People can stay with one person for a very long time and eventually end up either due to family reasons, or they end up cheating you for someone else. Okay, let’s cut the crap and get back to the topic. HOW TO MOVE ON? or HOW TO FORGET SOMEONE?

First thing first, you never forget someone. Yes, you heard it right. With whom you had shared your mind, heart, and soul at a time, you can
never forget such a person. It’s almost impossible to forget someone with whom you have shared such beautiful moments, be it intimate or
other beautiful stuff. So? How do you move on? Well, all you do is grow a habit of living without that person. Yeah, exactly. You just get habitual of living without them.

Still, here are some ways you can implement in your life to move on from a person.

What is the reason for your breakup?

Why you guys separated? Did that person change all of a sudden? Did that person cheat on you? Was it a family-related reason? If the reason is related to their wrong intentions then you don’t have to overthink about it, instead, just be thankful to God that sooner or later, they showed their true colors, practically, that’s more important. If the reason is related to family, then, we cannot do anything in it, sometimes, the sick mentality of our parents makes us suffer a lot and we end up compromising our beloved ones just for the sake of their happiness and respect.

Acceptance is the key to be truly free

Acceptance is the only thing where we all lack, it’s one of the most important thing which we all have to do no matter what. Yes, you heard it right. If their existence is not fictional then their absence is real too. You accepted when they were yours, but you need to accept that they’re gone. I know it’s hard, it’s easy to write it, to guide people. However, it’s not easy to implement it. But, it’s not impossible too. We all were in love, most of us got broken, all of us got recovered, sooner or later. All you need to do is, accept the things.

Erase everything you have of them

Be it photographs, conversations, or gifts, remove everything which reminds you of them, if it’s practically possible. Don’t run from the places, where you had your first kiss at. Cherish those memories which you both had. But, delete those texts which you’ve saved, those photographs which you’ve saved for watching when you miss them. These things don’t take you away from them, instead keep you stick to them.

Remind yourself every day that you can live without them

You born alone, you’ll die alone. You build a bad habit of dependency on people for your livelihood, which of course is a bad habit. You need to remind yourself every day that you don’t need anybody to live. You can live alone, you don’t need someone’s love, you can love yourself, which would be fair enough for your livelihood. Until or unless, you find someone who’s worthy of all, and you’re sure that you’re gonna spend your whole life with. Be strong enough to show them that they’re not your weakness at any cost. You’re strong enough to live without them.

Stay Positive

Everything that happens, happens for a reason. You might not realize it today, but one day you’ll realize why it all happened. Why they’re
not with you anymore, why they left. Maybe someone really better is waiting for you to make you realize your worth, to give you the kind of love which you’ve been given to people who never respected and valued it. Stay Positive, think positive, surround yourself with the positive people. Make your vibes, POSITIVE.

Give some time, to time

I’ve been implementing and spreading this mantra of life for a very long time that it has become my patented line, “Give some time, to
time, it will heal everything.” Yes, time is the only thing that will fix you thoroughly, nothing else will, not even any human will. With time, we accept everything that happened, we accept their absence and loss and move on. Time helps us to move on. It helps us to get over all the good and bad memories. Give time with a positive attitude, you’ll recover fast and easily.

Pheww! Feeling positive? Or crying that life has brought you here that you’re looking for ways to get over that person who almost ruined your life. Don’t worry, this is life, and we’ll experience everything, from good to worst. You’ll meet every type of person, some will be a lesson to you, some will be a blessing. You never know how many lessons God has planned for you. Just do your Karma right, maybe this would turn to be the last one for you.