Why do people tend to give up on each other these days, why they just can’t stay in each other’s life for long? You too might be wondering because we know it too that the relationships of our previous generation’s time were more long lasting and successful than today’s and it’s a very serious concern. What’s wrong with the couples nowadays? Let’s get started.

People have become egoistic.

This is one of the main reasons why relationships don’t last long these days. People have become very egoistic as compare to the time earlier. They believe that nothing is above and beyond their self. However, when you’re with a person, you’ve to think about them as well. You’ve to respect them for who they’re instead of getting egoistic that, “No one is above me.” Loss of value of the other person due to our own ego concludes the relationship to end.

They don’t understand the difference between Ego and Self Respect.

People don’t understand the difference between ego and self-respect. Ego is basically, apologizing to them on their mistake, and self respect is when you’ve been apologizing a lot on their mistakes and now you end up deciding that you won’t apologize for that anymore, that’s self-respect. When they don’t understand the difference, they take everything on their ego thinking that it’s their self-respect and end up breaking up with each other.

Over expectations.

Expectations are something that are uncontrollable; but when they become expectation, they get more dangerous. You have to understand that the other person won’t be able to fulfill all your expectations and believe me nobody can do that. The more you get, the more you will expect. Over expectations lead to fighting and those daily fights on this issue become the major cause of your breakup. Try to control your expectations, let it all come naturally and surprisingly.

Too curious to get into relationship without knowing each other.

You saw them for the first time, you found them very beautiful and handsome. You know nothing about them, but deep down, you started building thoughts about marrying them. By any chance, you guys started talking to each other, within a couple of day or weeks, you start forcing them to be in a relationship especially in the case of Indian people. People are too curious for that tag ‘Committed/In a Relationship.’ You guys haven’t known each other properly, you don’t know all the good and bad habits of them, you yourself don’t know what do you expect or want from your partner, you’re not mentally ready for a relationship but you end up proposing them and get into a relationship. Don’t be too curious even though they’re perfect for you, give them and yourself at least 6 months from the moment you start talking to each other, before you get into relationship with them.

Showing off on Social Media, but nothing in personal.

Are you committed to them because you love them or you’re with them so that you can show them off to the world? Grow up guys, they don’t need social exposure, they just need all of you in person. They want to know your love, explore your love to the deepest core. Showing off on social media only and not doing anything in personal won’t make you win their heart. Also, one of the best mantras of a successful relationship is, “Keep your relationship within two people, one is you and the second one is the person you’re in a relationship with.” Don’t involve the third person.

Haven’t moved on from the past, but getting into a relationship because this will help you to move on.

Many people do this, they end up getting into a relationship with someone whom they’ve just met, or an old friend, or the person who loved them once and use them to move on, to forget their ex. Well, I would just say one thing, don’t become selfish. This is selfishness, that you’re using someone to move on from someone else. A relationship is the investment of the feelings, no matter if you hold any feelings for them or not, but they hold for you, and it’s a clear betrayal to them and their feelings. Always make sure to move on completely before thinking about getting into a new relationship.

Do you love them because you’re in a relationship or you’re in a relationship because you love them? The day you will understand the meaning of this line, your relationship will become more strong with the person, the bond will get stronger and everlasting.