Books by Anubhav Agrawal

Books by
Anubhav Agrawal

Anubhav Agrawal started writing books in 2020. His first book ‘Why Not Me? A Feeling of Millions’ became #1 National Best Seller within 20 minutes of launch. Why Not Me? A Feeling of Millions became popular as people found it way too relatable. Anubhav Agrawal received an amazing response from his beloved fans. It has been a year and the book is still winning hearts. Anubhav Agrawal also published another book “Hands Down: The Simplest Ways To Move On” which helps people to move on in their life after a breakup. This book also became #1 Best seller in it’s early days, and received a great response from people. Find both of the books below.

Why Not Me?
A Feeling of Millions

#1 National BestSeller since Launch

Hands Down : The Simplest
Ways to Move On

#1 BestSeller on Kindle Store